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Improving quality of life through specialised healthcare


Improving quality of life through specialised healthcare

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Nordic Health Group is a leading healthcare company specialised in the modern treatment of varicose veins.

The company was established in 2016 and is now the largest provider of varicose vein treatments in Northern Europe, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with our largest markets being Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Recently, we have entered the Netherlands and the UK. We have Europe’s largest collection of specialised vascular surgeons and have carried out more than 35,000 successful treatments in our +30 clinics across Europe. In total, our organisation is comprised of +130 people across 5 countries.


Our Mission
Our mission is to provide the highest quality of varicose vein treatments to as many people as possible, with the vision of becoming the world’s largest specialised vein treatment provider and the leading authority on venous diseases,  including varicose veins and spider veins. 


Our Culture
Our culture is characterised by its non-hierarchical, professional yet informal nature, where the best idea wins, and  where everyone does what they are best at. We provide all our employees with autonomy combined with the skills and tools to not just succeed in their respective role, but also to grow and develop their own path in the company.


Nordic Health Group is a Danish healthcare group operating in the Nordic countries. Our head office is located in Copenhagen and we have a local office in Stockholm. Your are welcome to contact us.

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