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1. Application
and Review

After application, our hiring team will assess your CV and application in the context of the role(s) that you have applied for.

In most cases, a person from our hiring team will give you a brief call to get to know you and your thoughts for  the role.

The first interview is typically around 30-40 minutes and either virtual or in-person, depending on the location of the candidate and of the hiring  team, as well as the nature of the role. 

The first interview is focused on assessing the potential fit between the candidate and the role in question – therefore, the conversation will be  focused on the candidate’s background and motivation, as well as a presentation of our company, culture, the role itself and its responsibilities and tasks.

2. First Interview

3. Personality test and case work

If we decide to progress to a 2nd interview for the role, we will send you a brief personality test, which takes 5-10 minutes to complete. This test is  not decisive for the hiring decision; instead, it is a tool for the conversation which will take place during the 2nd interview. 

In some cases, we will also send you a short case to complete between the two interviews.

The second interview is typically longer than the first interview – anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes. During this final interview, the  conversation will revolve around the candidate’s skills and competencies weighed up against the role.


The conversation is focused on the candidate’s and our thoughts and expectations for the role. In addition to this, the personality test results will be discussed (alongside the case  work, if applicable

4. Second Interview 

5. Final Decision

After the second and final interview, the hiring team will make the final  hiring decision and inform the candidate within 7 days.


Do you have questions? 

Contact Nordic Health Group at:

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